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OMT is a firm dedicated to the commercialization of practical, effective, and responsible developments in industrial materials, process metallurgy, energy, and material science technology.

What we do.

OMT provides its clients with world class engineers and highly experienced commercial managers. OMT's engineers have significant experience in process design, construction and operations of processing plants and all OMT’s commercial experts have had many years experience in executive level management in industry.

Our Expertise.

The combination of technical and commercial expertise means that OMT can provide its clients with total service across the broad spectrum.

Our Foundation.

OMT’s foundation is rooted in years of practical experience, engineering design, facilities operations and commercial management.

Why OMT?

The essence of Orchard Material Technology (OMT) is the worldwide experience that has been gathered from throughout the specialty materials businesses into this highly focused firm.

At OMT we believe that robust process design and detailed follow through on projects are the keys to investment success. To achieve these goals we start with experienced teams of professionals with the proper cross functional balance:

1. Project Engineering Management
2. Process Development
3. Detailed Engineering Design
4. Operations and Maintenance Experience
5. Quality Management System Implementation

We have leveraged our years of experience in these specialty materials businesses and have followed a simple rule as we have grown the business.

That rule is simple and powerful.

“At Orchard Material Technology we always strive to grow our company capabilities through the addition of engineering, marketing, and business process professionals whom we Know, Respect, and Trust.”

By following that simple rule we have attracted the best our industry has to offer, and as such, we deliver world class competitive advantage to our clients.

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OMT works with our clients, vendors, engineering and construction contractors to bring best-in-class process technology to their project. OMT provides technologies that have efficient and sustainable economics, environmental compliance and safety.

OMT uses its technical and commercial knowledge and practical experience to assist our clients to execute their growth strategies.

Field Studies

OMT provides field audits of processing facilities for investment decisions, energy audits, environmental compliance, process improvement and expansion opportunities. OMT engineers use their practical experience to troubleshoot and provide innovative solutions for our clients’ technical problems.

Process Development

Greenfield Projects

OMT's services are unique in that we work with our clients throughout all the stages of the project development process from feasibility studies, economic and market studies, detailed process design through to construction oversight and finally training and supervision of start up of the processing facility.

The OMT Team

Any OMT project team has a mix of experienced professionals with expertise that includes the technical, financial, and commercial disciplines necessary to provide its clients with independent advice throughout the project and ensure that their investment goals are exceeded.

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Process Design

OMT engineers are experts in Chemical Process Design. OMT is able to select and customize “state of the art” process technologies to extract, purify and convert to saleable products, materials and metals contained in concentrates, oxides, and waste streams.

Process Modeling

● Thermodynamic studies
● Heat and material balances

Test Design and Supervision

● Scale testing to verify process models

Engineering EPCM

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Process Optimization

OMT uses its technical and commercial knowledge and practical experience to assist our clients to execute their growth strategies. We perform a full range of technical and commercial services for our clients.


● Field studies
● In situ test design

Saftey Audits

● HAZOP Analysis

Operational Audits

● Energy audits
● SOP reviews
● Equipment review
● Maintenance schedules

Process Design Recommendations

● Manufacturing and economic efficiency
● Environmental compliance

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Energy Generation & Conservation

Generating and conserving energy in production processes are primary concerns for our clients. Therefore, OMT places special emphasis on providing dedicated energy generation and conservation services to its clients including:

Energy Audits of Existing Plants

● Consumption studies
● In situ test design
● Energy use optimization and control procedures

Energy Efficient Process Design

● Energy recovery and recycle
● Material and Air flows to minimize energy consumption
● Thermodynamic optimization
● Energy efficient equipment
● Heat recovery and recycle loops

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Start up and training

OMT believes that the training of the local operators during start-up can be the "missing link” between a poor or adequate project and an exceptional project.

OMT specializes in delivering high performance technologies to its clients which includes benefitting from the experience of OMT engineers who have operated and maintained existing facilities. Therefore, OMT devotes time to training and works with the operators and maintenance personnel 24/7 through the first weeks of the start up of a facility.

OMT provides knowledge transfer to local operating and technical staff and start-up assistance that includes:

Detailed SOP and Operator Manuals

● Electronic and written manuals

Operator Training

● In-plant training 24/7 at start and thereafter as required
● Remote access to specialists
● Maintenance training and schedules

Service Agreements

● Maintenance shutdown and start up supervision

Critical Equipment Oversight

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Market Research & Analysis


Most of the OMT senior level consultants have executive level experience in industries which enables them to offer strategic insight and market knowledge to its clients.

With activities in all areas of the world, OMT has a unique understanding of global trends that change markets, regulations and technologies that alter cost structures, and resources required to meet global and local demand.

OMT builds studies around its existing knowledge base and through primary research; therefore, offering up-to-date and pertinent information needed to make sound investment decisions.

OMT offers the following services:

Market Intelligence & Research

● Demand and supply analysis
● Production capacity and price analysis
● Market studies
● End use studies
● Application expertise

Strategic Planning & Analysis

● Global trends and activity
● Resource availability
● Competitive analysis
● Economic analysis

Joint Venture and Acquisition Strategies

● Financial modeling
● M&A advisory services

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Thermodynamic Studies

Computer Modeling

OMT's suite of computer modeling software includes:

● HSC Chemistry for Windows®
● FactSage®
● Metsim®
● Terra®

Thermodynamic Studies

● Equilibrium compositions for pure substances and real solutions
● Reaction equations
● Pourbaix diagrams
● Ellingham diagrams
● Heat and material balances
● Phase diagrams

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Intellectual Property Development

Technology Development

OMT is at the forefront of technical progress in materials processing.

It has an ongoing technical program focused on delivering innovative, economic, energy efficient and environmentally compliant processes for incorporation into our client based projects.

OMT also performs private technology development for its clients through combining partner laboratories and in house expertise to design and supervise test programs.

OMT’s services include:

● IP Development and Licensing of OMT technologies
● Private technology development
● Technical due diligence and expert opinions on technical innovation
● Assistance with Global IP Protection

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OMT’s personnel possess strong technical expertise and practical experience that is combined with commercial experience to assist our clients to execute their growth strategies. OMT performs the full range of technical and commercial services for its clients.


OMT specializes in material processing from ore dressing to high purity materials, recycled materials, chemicals and mill products. OMT is able to provide its clients with the expertise and experience to process its materials both economically and with maximum energy efficiency.


Environmental considerations are a critical part of any major production facility. OMT personnel are experts at off gas cleaning, effluent treatment and limiting greenhouse gas emissions.


OMT personnel have significant experience in managing commercial enterprises and are able to offer clients product and strategic consulting, training and organizational and operations consulting in order to accelerate their growth.

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